We genuinely believe that our Graduates are the future leaders of our amazing business. To support you in achieving this you’ll not only have a real role with real responsibility but also the freedom to explore new areas and the support and tools you need to develop and grow.

Here’s how we’ll grow together:


You’ll join a three year program which involves rotations into different areas of the business each 12 months. This is aimed at building both your technical skills as well as providing you with stretching leadership opportunities to prepare you for an exciting career. We understand that you’re unique - so we’ll partner with you to tailor the rotations to fit your individual development needs and aspirations. Our program expands across all Australian segments giving you the opportunity to work across multiple business sites, technologies, ways of working, market positions and brands – talk about amazing variety!


Here at Mars we’re all about our people. As an Associate, you’ll not only play an integral role in our continued success but you’ll also be working with some of the industry’s top talent who are all keen to support you in your leadership journey as your line managers, mentors, buddies and new friends.


Learning and development are integral to life at Mars. While most learning happens on the job, we’re able to provide further support through world-class programs and tools. You’ll have access to Mars University, the centre of learning for Mars Inc who build resources to help you learn more about everything we do. Through training courses, e-learning modules, a library, research centre and more, our functional and leadership college curriculums are aimed at helping you build the skills to succeed today and to grow your career at Mars for a lifetime.

On top of all this you’ll also work with your line manager and senior leaders within the business to create individualised development plans every year to further drive your development and set you up for future success!

We offer Graduate roles and rotations across almost all our different business functions including opportunities in Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, Finance and Human Resources. We also have amazing roles in Research and Development and Engineering but it’s likely you’ll need a technical degree and background for these – check out Eligibility for more details.


Mars Engineers do not simply take ready-made, off-the-shelf solutions from third parties and install them! Our engineering teams design Mars-specific solutions and make them work in the most efficient and effective way possible. Together you’ll enable our manufacturing facilities to be fully operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Engineers at Mars also play a vital role in giving Mars a competitive edge when bringing new and unique products to the market. Come enjoy the creative challenge of large-scale manufacturing in a demanding commercial environment!

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineers at Mars aren’t Engineers in the traditional sense, they’re the catalysts for change within our Supply team. Working within Industrial Engineering will see you play a lead role in developing key strategies in collaboration with supply leaders and a wide variety of other functions in the business. These roles see you get exposure to broad supply experiences, both strategic and operational and play a key role in decision making processes. You’ll turn mere numbers and data into meaningful and actionable information to enable execution and benefits for the business. Acting as an internal consultant, you’ll have the ability to provide commercialisation and realism to ideas, innovations, projects and overall business strategies.

Research & Development

It all starts here. Research and Development (R&D) is the heartbeat of innovation at Mars, from providing consumer insights and identifying needs to the development and delivery of products that consistently delight. Our R&D associates are the champions of quality in our business. As a Graduate within the function you could gain some great experiences across areas including product development, process & packaging, quality and food safety.

Human Resources

We know humans are so much more than a resource! That’s why inside Mars, HR is known as People & Organisation (P&O for short) — they are the reason why great people join, and stay with us for years. As a P&O Graduate you’ll be part of the team creates the conditions for our Associates to grow, learn and develop, empowering each individual to further his or her career. P&O is there to help Associates make their careers mean more for themselves, our businesses and our communities. P&O is so much more than talent development. From talent acquisition to executive leadership development, P&O generalists, specialists and Associate services help make Mars tick.


Imagine being at the financial nexus of a global business. Here at Mars, we have teams of front-facing specialists integrated into the business and integral to its success — high-value finance at its best. Our Associates provide the full spectrum of financial services, from putting in place the kind of financial controls that protect our assets to delivering detailed analyses that guide our strategic development.

Our Finance Associates can take on complex information, process, and act on it quickly — all with sound judgment, honour and character. All the members of this time have high levels of technical proficiency — it’s the place for people who have the courage to act on their beliefs and who can consistently deliver outstanding results.

Supply Chain/Logistics

Our fantastic products need bright minds to get them where they need to go. Our mission starts with the customer and works backwards. As an integral part of the Supply functional network, logistics is the mechanism that pulls everything together, from bringing raw material in to sending our products out to our customer network. The logistics team’s dream is to consistently produce and reliably deliver the best possible products to our consumers worldwide.

As a Logistics Associate, you could be expected to take ownership for managing equipment design, logistics, workforce deployment, management and more. Whether you are delivering rigorous and uncompromising quality control, determining competitive conversion costs or investigating variability of natural raw materials, we can promise you’ll be engaged and challenged.


We aren’t your average business, and this isn’t your average Purchasing team. In fact, we refer to this team as Commercial because of the huge influence it has on the overall direction of our business — not to mention relationships with our suppliers, industry players and regulatory agencies. Our Commercial team gets to look across the entire supply chain and provides insight into everything from consumer perspectives to material functionality.

It’s more than just the quality of our products — it’s how they are made that makes them Mars. Our Purchasing Associates make sure our suppliers are committed to respecting human rights and the environment. Additionally, they are responsible for ensuring our sourcing practices reflect The Five Principles in every respect, including the long-term sustainability of all the materials we use. To do so, our Associates are free to invest in the long-term development of materials, technologies, origin countries and suppliers in order to advance our sustainability and other objectives.

Sales & Marketing

Sales is the personalised face of our business, responsible for growing our business and touching the lives of our customers. Our Sales Associates are committed to getting out every day, in every sales area, and ensuring that we have the best distribution, display and product quality. The Sales team lives for driving profitable growth through excellence in the eyes of our consumers, assuring availability, proper pricing and strong promotions.

Here at Mars, our marketing has the power to touch lives across the world. As a Marketing Associate, you’re given the freedom to think big, be creative and develop powerful ideas — bringing to life truly global brands. Finding creative and innovative ways to communicate and interact with customers requires a special mix of skills and qualities.

To gain this valuable exposure to the business and its activities, the majority of our Sales/Marketing Graduates will start their careers in the Sales team to gain this experience, before having the opportunity to build their careers in other business functions including our dynamic Marketing teams.

Meet Andrea
Corporate Affairs Graduate with Mars Petcare
Studied Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts (Communications Studies) at University of Western Australia

What have been the most exciting experiences you’ve had as part of the program?
In Corporate Affairs, a lot of your work is high profile – whether it’s prepping Dr Chris Brown for a television interview, taking meetings with government Ministers, or giving quotes to the Sydney Morning Herald, it’s nearly always a mix of terrifying and awesome.

What are you most proud of?
Whenever the General Manager, or one of the Directors asks for my ideas and advice that makes my day. It’s thrilling to be treated with like an equal by people who know a lot more than you do.

What advice would you give to candidates applying for a role within our Graduate Program?
Get ready to get out of your comfort zone. You don’t get to rely on precedents, or hand holding in the Mars grad program – you get the opportunity to create, so you need to have the confidence to make the calls.

Meet Will
Research & Development Innovation Graduate with Mars Chocolate
Studied Bachelor of Chemical Engineering at Curtin University

What has been your greatest highlight during your time in the Mars Australia Graduate Program?
Presenting to the Management Team on my experiences, learnings, and development over my first year as a graduate was the greatest highlight of my time so far with the Mars. I was so nervous leading up to it, but on the day I found I had nothing to worry about and I gained valuable feedback that I could apply to further plan my development in my second year with the graduate program.

What have been the most exciting experiences you’ve had as part of the program?
I’d have to say making my first batch of visually appealing M&M’s prototypes in the lab. I had several experiences in my induction where they came out looking less-than-desirable (but still good to eat) and it was so satisfying when I made my first good batch that I rushed out and showed everyone on my team.

What’s been your biggest learning during your time in the Mars Australia Graduate Program?
My biggest learning is around the importance of building strong and collaborative relationships early in your career. Not only was building these strong relationships the key to success in my projects, but the friendships I built made the transition into the professional environment and Ballarat a lot more enjoyable.

Meet Disston
External Manufacturing Quality Assurance Manager (Commenced as Supply Chain Graduate) with Mars Food
Studied Bachelor of Commerce/Arts at University of Western Australia

What have been the most exciting experiences you’ve had as part of the program?
Facilitating cooking classes, partaking in cooking classes, undertaking unique training courses, visiting the different segment factories (Chocolate, Petcare, Wrigley).

What do you enjoy most about working at Mars?
Looking forward to coming into work every day because everyone I work with is simply a great human. The candidness of conversation, feedback, advice and support provided by associates from all levels of the business.

What’s been your biggest learning during your time in the Mars Australia Graduate Program?
You have to understand yourself first to be able to understand others.

What advice would you give to candidates applying for a role within our Graduate Program?
Be yourself. Mars is unique in that we encourage everyone to be true to themselves first and foremost, and we mean it. Whether you are successful or unsuccessful, being yourself ensures we find the right person but more importantly, you find the right organisation to suit you.

Meet James
Sustainability in a Generation Lead with Mars Petcare (commenced as Supply Chain Graduate)
Studied Bachelor Business Studies (hons) at Kingston University (UK) and Masters Environmental & Business Management at University of Newcastle

What has been your greatest highlight during your time in the Mars Australia Graduate Program?
When I started in the graduate program I had very distinct aspirations as to where I hoped my career would go. At every stage in my time with Mars I have been given the opportunity to pursue tasks that align with my personal principles. At the conclusion of my Graduate program I was offered the very job I wanted, but thought would take me a lot longer to achieve. Whilst it is a stretch goal and I will have to learn at an even faster rate than previously, the fact that Mars trust me with a signature program is hugely empowering.

What are you most proud of?
During my time as a graduate I have been challenged and asked to step outside my comfort zone but I have never been concerned. I had faith in the teams around me that when I was in a situation I knew didn’t align with my long term goals I could talk to my line manager and find a positive outcome.
Because I felt secure in asking for help I knew, despite any vulnerability it could result in me feeling, I would achieve the best outcome for me in terms of a career and that I could deliver more significantly for Mars over the long term.

What does it feel like to work at Mars?
It feels like you are running across a tightrope at a thousand miles an hour but with so much support available that you aren’t worried at any stage of failing.
Whilst you are given real tasks and a high quality of work is expected you aren’t expected to immediately know answers. Instead you are encouraged to ask questions and seek out the expertise across the company that will help you to deliver.